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What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 3 


What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 4 


What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 5 



What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 6



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What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 8 


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3 beds, 2 full, 2 partial baths | Single Family Home
4,617 sq ft; lot: 5.06 acres

What I LOVE about living in Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 1

Hi, this is Joan Pratt with Re/max Professionals and I thought as a resident here I would give you a little bit of an insight to our beautiful neighborhood of Bell Mountain Ranch. I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 2006, we’ve owned two different homes here.

Our first one just had one bedroom on the main floor as is pretty common in the neighborhood. Our second one has three bedrooms on the main floor and allowed room for our small children. So we absolutely love this neighborhood, one of our favorite things is that you can be as reclusive or as social as you want to be here.

The HOA actually has a budget to host many activities throughout the year, the biggest of which is the annual Octoberfest. About 300 of our neighbors show up for this event. It is held at the park at the front entrance. Either in September or sometimes it’s in October. The HOA pays for beers and brats, we have a wine and beer garden there that is free to the residents, we also have a jumpy house, actually there is two jumpy houses, one for each size of kids and we have a live band.  And as I mentioned about 300 people turn out, it is a fun time for everyone.

There’s lots of other events scattered throughout the year. In June of this year we just had a luau that was so much fun! Our activities committee put that on and did a really great job. One of the extra little bonuses to that one in addition to being catered by our local Yolanda’s Tacos, they had the Hawaiian Ice food truck here and everyone got to have Hawaiian Icee’s.

So that’s some of the cool stuff we have. There is a guy’s poker night, there is a guy’s car club, there’s a canasta, there’s a bible study here, there’s a book club. Again, you can just be as social you want or as reclusive and that’s one of the things I love about living in Bell Mountain Ranch.



What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 2

Hi this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals with our second installment about “What I Love About Living in Bell Mountain Ranch”. Today I wanna talk about the 27 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails that run throughout our community. This is an amazing feature that is just second to none with other communities. When I get home from work I can just go take a walk and/or run or ride my bike. We do have 75 horse properties here in the neighborhood and those properties can just jump right on the horse trail and go for a really nice trail ride as well. The trails are good for snowshoeing, they go all throughout our community there’s really neat picnic spots. You can even hike to the top of Bell Mountain, that’s one of our favorite hikes for my husband and family and when you get up there the view is just spectacular! There’s some neat monuments to look at, some of the developers of our location here and there’s one of many things that we love about living in Bell Mountain Ranch.


What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 3

Hi, this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals continuing in on with our series on “What I Love About Living in Bell Mountain Ranch” part 3. So today I’d like to talk to you about our proximity to everything! Bell Mountain Ranch is located just off of the Frontage road just a couple miles south of Plum Creek Parkway which is exit 181 off of highway 25. We have access to so many things. Castle Rock is actually the county seat for Douglas County and we are located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. So often times we have people, where one of the spouses will work in Colorado Springs and another will work in Denver or travel for work because we are just about 50 minutes from the airport. So, we have access again to so many things here, the outlet malls with the new Promenade is just a tremendous boom to our community. The number of restaurants that we have here again they are second to none. Some of my favorites are in Downtown Castle Rock, they are older homes that have been renovated by local chefs and have just taken off to a tremendous following. They have fresh menus that change depending on the season. The Union is just one of my favorites and Sienna of course. So, I would highly encourage you to get out and explore Castle Rock. One of our favorite events in Castle Rock is the Star Lighting, it takes place the Saturday before thanksgiving. We actually shut down all the streets in Downtown Castle Rock and we hang out, drink hot chocolate, sing Christmas carols, get our pictures taken with Santa and just enjoy the sense of community that’s there. Most years we’ve had fireworks that shoot off from the top of Castle Rocks but the big event is really the lighting of the star. If you’ve never been in a small-town community, if you’re relocating here from out of State or something I highly, highly encourage you to come to this event. Again, Castle Rock just has so much to offer. We have the free movies in the park, there’s so many free concerts in the summer that you can just bring your chairs, bring your kids, bring your dog too and hang out and enjoy the sense of community in the sunshine that Colorado offers. Castle Rock has over 300 days of sunshine a year, we moved here from the Bay area in California and we certainly didn’t have 300 days of sunshine there.

But, again, going back to Bell Mountain Ranch, we are seven minutes from the grocery store, it takes me 20 minutes door to door to get to the Cost Co up at Park Meadows but now they just added a new Sam’s Club at the Promenade so we can get there even faster. It’s just real easy access to everything. They’ve opened up a new, I guess it’s about 2 years old now, World Compass Academy Is a charter school located just off the Frontage road about 2 miles from the entrance of Bell Mountain Ranch. That is a language-based learning school where the kids get at least 45 minutes of Spanish, Mandarin or French every single day. I love the diversity that that school provides for our kids and the practicality of being really focused on international things. Now a days were are so global but we also need to be local. And so, if we teach our kids about the bigger picture I think that’s a really great way for them to learn in the exposed life. So those are some of the things I love about Bell Mountain Ranch and specifically Castle Rock. This community is just amazing and I hope you enjoy this episode.


Why I LOVE Living In Bell Mountain Ranch: Water - Part 4

Hi this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals and thank you for watching this issue of “What I Love About Living in Bell Mountain Ranch” part 4. And today we are gonna talk about water! And I love living in Bell Mountain Ranch because I do not have an individual well. And I think that this is just tremendously important and if you’re like me and specifically my husband and you want to live out on land but the thought of having a well scare you to death, look no further than our beautiful neighborhood of Bell Mountain Ranch. We have a community water infrastructure that was built out with our neighborhood. We originally were planning to have over a 1000 homes and at this time we have 305 plus 16 that are just breaking ground as I speak right now. Our neighborhood owns water rights for over 500-acre feet a year. We use a 178-acre foot on average and we are using the Denver and Arapahoe Water Basin. The water is good! Our metro district actually tests it twice a year and sends out quality surveys based off of EPA standards, how cool is that? My husband actually drinks the water from the tap, I’m kind of a cold-water drinker so I get it filtered from the fridge but our water is definitely good enough to drink from the tap. We have redundant pumps. So, we’ve lived here since 2006, we’ve never run out of water. We’ve had one of the pumps go out, probably a couple of times and one of our residents here was instrumental in getting us a gradient to add a second redundant pump and since then we’ve never run out of water. It is a beautiful place to live; oh we also don’t have any water restrictions. So, if you were in the town of Castle Rock on Castle Rock water, you would have certain days of the week based of your address that you can water. Out here you don’t have to do that. Our minimum water bill is just a $110 a month right now. And that includes quite a bit of water and depending on how extensively you want to water plants and such you might go over that. But we have a family of five; we have hot tub and a pool, trees that we water and our average bill is somewhere around a $130 a month. I’ve definitely seen people higher and certainly their landscaping has lots more pretty flowers than mine does but I would say that if you were budgeting something around there you would be right within the realm. So, I love the water here and I hope you enjoy this episode.


Why I LOVE Living In Bell Mountain Ranch: Wildlife - Part 5 

Hi this is Joan Pratt with the Remax professionals, thank you so much for watching installment 5 of “Why I Love Living in Bell Mountain Ranch”. Today we’re going to talk about the nature. So, most of you probably do not know but Bell Mountain Ranch has over 2000 acres of dedicated open space. With that much acreage you can imagine we have a lot of wildlife that call Bell Mountain home. On any given day you could drive past a flock of turkeys, walk past a family of deer, view from your window a herd of elk going cross the migration path or look up in the sky and see beautiful soaring hawks. We also have plenty of bunnies, there are snakes and coyotes here, we have fox and I’ve even seen a lynx. So, our neighborhood has just lots and lots of nature. In fact, that’s one of the most heavily posted things on our Facebook page, is pictures of the local wildlife. So hopefully you enjoy wildlife too and are interested in living in this beautiful community. Thanks again for watching and make it a great day.


Why I LOVE Living In Bell Mountain Ranch: Wine Around The Ranch - Part 6 

Hey this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals, thank you for watching installment 6 of “Why I Love Living in Bell Mountain Ranch”. Today we’re gonna talk about wine around the Ranch. If you watched episode 2 about the events here in our neighborhood you might have wondered why I didn’t’ discuss the Wine around the Ranch event. Well that’s simply because Wine around the Ranch is so awesome I thought it needed its own episode.
So, Wine around the Ranch is a monthly event, the first Friday of each month. It is hosted by one of your neighbors here, and everyone brings a bottle or two of wine or whatever you choose to drink and an appetizer or dessert to share and we show up at someone’s house and have a party, how cool is that?
This event has anywhere between 20 and 70 people on any given day and is widely attended and it’s just a great opportunity to catch up with your neighbors, to hear what’s going on, to talk with the neighbor about how his garage is getting built or about their new fence and talk about different contractors in the neighborhood that kind of thing, just another opportunity to get together. For our parents in Bell Mountain, I’ve created a similar thing, Whine around the ranch, W.H.I.N.E, where we meet at different family houses during the summer and have a party. Everyone bring Capri-Suns and their favorite beverage and the family that is hosting that night provides the meal. So, that is another really cool event, we’ve had so much fun with that, on average, we have about 25-30 people
that show up at anyone’s’ home. And you might say holy moly I can’t fit that many
people in my house but they’re different ways, sometimes people will co-host, we’ve had that parents event also at our park and that was a great event put on by some our good friends and they did an Olympic theme. Were kids did relay races and sack races and won gold medals. And our kids still talk about that and wear those medals today. So, those are some of the things I love about living in Bell Mountain & Ranch.Thanks for watching this episode and make it a great day!


What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch: The Equestrian Center - Part 7 

Hi this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals with the 7th edition of “What I Love about Bell Mountain Ranch”. The series would not be complete if I did not mention the beautiful Bell Mountain Equestrian Center.
This place was recently acquired by one of our residents here in Bell Mountain and they have absolutely renovated it. It is so beautiful and I can’t say enough good things about this location. They have training classes, if you want to go take some horseback riding lessons. You can do boarding there, they even have a leadership class that they offer in the Summers. So, they are really truly giving back to our community. They have also volunteers that go through and maintain our 27 mile of trails every year just to keep that up and looking nice. They have completely renovated the facility, I know I mentioned it before but you had no idea what it looked like before they got there. Top to bottom, spic and span it is a place that our community is very proud to have and I’d like to thank the Penrod’s for all the work that they’ve done in bringing that together for our community.
Give them a call, if you have some interest in learning about horses or you want to volunteer somewhere, if you have a horse and you want to board there absolutely give them a call. Like I said they’re doing a really great job there, they have a beautiful indoor arena and they’re supporting our community in ways that the
previous owners never did. So, we’re grateful for having them and I’m grateful for you watching the 7th installment and I hope you’re enjoying these and make it a great day!


What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch: Community - Part 8

Hi, this is Joan Pratt from Remax Professionals. Thank you so much for watching the 8th installment of “What I Love About Bell Mountain Ranch”. I saved the best for last and I will tell you that this community is all about the people. 
We’ve had some really neat community ran organizations in the past years and we currently do now as well. There is a local group of ladies that if they hear about anyone going into the hospital they provide meals for them. We also have some people here that will drive people to the hospital to make appointments and such. I have a client that just moved into the neighborhood, she’s 78 years old and was having some trouble getting her trash and recycles out. Some really nice neighbors came out and busted down all of her moving boxes and put out her trash for her, how awesome is that? Our neighbors have some teenage girls and they have a really long, super long driveway at their house but ours is pretty long as well. They stop by our house every day after school to bring our trash cans up. So, we have just so many good people here. Our HOA and our Water Board and our Metro Board are all very active with people donating their time to these great causes. The activities committee is constantly planning events and we have a welcome committee here just really neat people. Some of my very best friends, they have had to move out of the area for work but I still keep in contact with them.
 So, there you go that is my 8th installment of what is amazing and what I love about living in Bell Mountain and Ranch, the people! Make it a great day and I hope you enjoy this episode.





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