What I LOVE about living in Bell Mountain Ranch - Part 1

Hi, this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals and I thought as a resident here I would give you a little bit of an insight to our beautiful neighborhood of Bell Mountain Ranch. I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 2006, we’ve owned two different homes here.

Our first one just had one bedroom on the main floor as is pretty common in the neighborhood. Our second one has three bedrooms on the main floor and allowed room for our small children. So we absolutely love this neighborhood, one of our favorite things is that you can be as reclusive or as social as you want to be here.

The HOA actually has a budget to host many activities throughout the year, the biggest of which is the annual Octoberfest. About 300 of our neighbors show up for this event. It is held at the park at the front entrance. Either in September or sometimes it’s in October. The HOA pay for beers and brats, we have a wine and beer garden there that is free to the residents, we also have a jumpy house, actually there is two jumpy houses, one for kind of each sized kids and we have a live band.  And as I mentioned about 300 persons turn out, it is a fun time for everyone.

There’s lots of other events scattered throughout the year. In June of this year we just had a luau that was so much fun! Our activities committee put that on and did a really great job. One of the extra little bonuses to that one in addition to being catered by our local Yolanda’s Tacos, they had the Hawaiian Ice food truck here and everyone got to have Hawaiian Icee’s.

So that’s some of the cool stuff we have. There is a Guy’s poker night, there is a guy’s car club, there’s a canasta, there’s a bible study here, there’s a book club. Again, you can just be as social you want or as reclusive and that’s one of the things I love about living in Belmont and Ranch.