What i LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-3

Hi, this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals continuing in on with our series on “What I Love About Living in Bell Mountain Ranch” part 3. So today I’d like to talk to you about our proximity to everything! Bell Mountain Ranch is located just off of the Frontage road just a couple miles south of Plum Creek Parkway which is exit 181 off of highway 25. We have access to so many things. Castle Rock is actually the county seat for Douglas County and we are located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. So often times we have people, where one of the spouses will work in Colorado Springs and another will work in Denver or, travel for work because we are just about 50 minutes from the airport. So, we have access again to so many things here, the outlet malls with the new Promenade is just a tremendous boom to our community. The number of restaurants that we have here again they are second to none. Some of my favorites are in Downtown Castle Rock, they are older homes that have been renovated by local chefs and have just taken off to a tremendous following. They have fresh menus that change depending on the season. The Union is just one of my favorites and Sienna of course.

So, I would highly encourage you to get out and explore Castle Rock. One of our favorite events in Castle Rock is the Star Lighting, it takes place the Saturday before thanksgiving. We actually shut down all the streets in Downtown Castle Rock and we hang out, drink hot chocolate, sing Christmas carols, get our pictures taken with Santa and just enjoy the sense of community that’s there. Most years we’ve had fireworks that shoot off from the top of Castle Rocks but the big event is really the lighting of the star. If you’ve never been in a small-town community, if you’re relocating here from out of State or something I highly, highly encourage you to come to this event.

Again, Castle Rock just has so much to offer. We have the free movies in the park, there’s so many free concerts in the summer that you can just bring your chairs, bring your kids, bring your dog too and hang out and enjoy the sense of community in the sunshine that Colorado offers. Castle Rock has over 300 days of sunshine a year, we moved here from the Bay area in California and we certainly didn’t have 300 days of sunshine there.

But, again, going back to Bell Mountain Ranch, we are seven minutes from the grocery store, it takes me 20 minutes door to door to get to the Cost Co up at Park Meadows but now they just added a new Sam’s Club at the Promenade so we can get there even faster. It’s just real easy access to everything. They’ve opened up a new, I guess it’s about 2 years old now, World Compass Academy Is a charter school located just off the Frontage road about 2 miles from the entrance of Bell Mountain Ranch. That is a language-based learning school where the kids get at least 45 minutes of Spanish, Mandarin or French every single day. I love the diversity that that school provides for our kids and the practicality of being really focused on international things. Now a days were are so global but we also need to be local. And so, if we teach our kids about the bigger picture I think that’s a really great way for them to learn in the exposed life. So those are some of the things I love about Bell Mountain Ranch and specifically Castle Rock. This community is just amazing and I hope you enjoy this episode.