What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-4

Hi this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals and thank you for watching this issue of “What I Love About Living in Bell Mountain Ranch” part 4. And today we are gonna talk about water! And I love living in Bell Mountain Ranch because I do not have an individual well. And I think that this is just tremendously important and if you’re like me and specifically my husband and you want to live out on land but the thought of having a well scare you to death, look no further than our beautiful neighborhood of Bell Mountain Ranch. We have a community water infrastructure that was built out with our neighborhood. We originally were planning to have over a 1000 homes and at this time we have 305 plus 16 that are just breaking ground as I speak right now. Our neighborhood owns water rights for over 500-acre feet a year. We use a 178-acre foot on average and we are using the Denver and Arapahoe Water Basin. The water is good! Our metro district actually tests it twice a year and sends out quality surveys based off of EPA standards, how cool is that? My husband actually drinks the water from the tap, I’m kind of a cold-water drinker so I get it filtered from the fridge but our water is definitely good enough to drink from the tap. We have redundant pumps. So, we’ve lived here since 2006, we’ve never run out of water. We’ve had one of the pumps go out, probably a couple of times and one of our residents here was instrumental in getting us a gradient to add a second redundant pump and since then we’ve never run out of water. It is a beautiful place to live; oh we also don’t have any water restrictions. So, if you were in the town of Castle Rock on Castle Rock water, you would have certain days of the week based of your address that you can water. Out here you don’t have to do that. Our minimum water bill is just a $110 a month right now. And that includes quite a bit of water and depending on how extensively you want to water plants and such you might go over that. But we have a family of five; we have hot tub and a pool, trees that we water and our average bill is somewhere around a $130 a month. I’ve definitely seen people higher and certainly their landscaping has lots more pretty flowers than mine does but I would say that if you were budgeting something around there you would be right within the realm. So, I love the water here and I hope you enjoy this episode.