What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-5

Hi this is Joan Pratt with the Remax professionals, thank you so much for watching installment 5 of “Why I Love Living in Bell Mountain Ranch”. Today we’re going to talk about the nature. So, most of you probably do not know but Bell Mountain Ranch has over 2000 acres of dedicated open space. With that much acreage you can imagine we have a lot of wildlife that call Bell Mountain home. On any given day you could drive past a flock of turkeys, walk past a family of deer, view from your window a herd of elk going cross the migration path or look up in the sky and see beautiful soaring hawks. We also have plenty of bunnies, there are snakes and coyotes here, we have fox and I’ve even seen a lynx. So, our neighborhood has just lots and lots of nature. In fact, that’s one of the most heavily posted things on our Facebook page, is pictures of the local wildlife. So hopefully you enjoy wildlife too and are interested in living in this beautiful community. Thanks again for watching and make it a great day.