What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-6

Hey this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals, thank you for watching installment 6 of “Why I Love Living in Bell Mountain Ranch”. Today we’re gonna talk about wine around the Ranch. If you watched episode 2 about the events here in our neighborhood you might have wondered why I didn’t’ discuss the Wine around the Ranch event. Well that’s simply because Wine around the Ranch is so awesome I thought it needed its own episode. So, Wine around the Ranch is a monthly event, the first Friday of each month. It is hosted by one of your neighbors here, and everyone brings a bottle or two of wine or whatever you choose to drink and an appetizer or dessert to share and we show up at someone’s house and have a party, how cool is that?

This event has anywhere between 20 and 70 people on any given day and is widely attended and it’s just a great opportunity to catch up with your neighbors, to hear what’s going on, to talk with the neighbor about how his garage is getting built or about their new fence and talk about different contractors in the neighborhood that kind of thing, just another opportunity to get together. For our parents in Bell Mountain, I’ve created a similar thing, Whine around the ranch, W.H.I.N.E, where we meet at different family houses during the summer and have a party. Everyone bring Capri-Suns and their favorite beverage and the family that is hosting that night provides the meal. So, that is another really cool event, we’ve had so much fun with that, on average, we have about 25-30 people that show up at anyone’s’ home. And you might say holy moly I can’t fit that many people in my house but they’re different ways, sometimes people will co-host, we’ve had that parents event also at our park and that was a great event put on by some our good friends and they did an Olympic theme. Were kids did relay races and sack races and won gold medals. And our kids still talk about that and wear those medals today. So, those are some of the things I love about living in Bell Mountain & Ranch.Thanks for watching this episode and make it a great day!