What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-7

Hi this is Joan Pratt with Remax Professionals with the 7th edition of “What I Love about Bell Mountain Ranch”. The series would not be complete if I did not mention the beautiful Bell Mountain Equestrian Center.

This place was recently acquired by one of our residents here in Bell Mountain and they have absolutely renovated it. It is so beautiful and I can’t say enough good things about this location. They have training classes, if you want to go take some horseback riding lessons. You can do boarding there, they even have a leadership class that they offer in the Summers. So, they are really truly giving back to our community. They have also volunteers that go through and maintain our 27 mile of trails every year just to keep that up and looking nice. They have completely renovated the facility, I know I mentioned it before but you had no idea what it looked like before they got there. Top to bottom, spic and span it is a place that our community is very proud to have and I’d like to thank the Penrod’s for all the work that they’ve done in bringing that together for our community. Give them a call, if you have some interest in learning about horses or you want to volunteer somewhere, if you have a horse and you want to board there absolutely give them a call. Like I said they’re doing a really great job there, they have a beautiful indoor arena and they’re supporting our community in ways that the previous owners never did. So, we’re grateful for having them and I’m grateful for you watching the 7th installment and I hope you’re enjoying these and make it a great day!