What I LOVE About Living In Bell Mountain Ranch Part-8

Hi, this is Joan Pratt from Remax Professionals. Thank you so much for watching the 8th installment of “What I Love About Bell Mountain Ranch”. I saved the best for last and I will tell you that this community is all about the people.

We’ve had some really neat community ran organizations in the past years and we currently do now as well. There is a local group of ladies that if they hear about anyone going into the hospital they provide meals for them. We also have some people here that will drive people to the hospital to make appointments and such. I have a client that just moved into the neighborhood, she’s 78 years old and was having some trouble getting her trash and recycles out. Some really nice neighbors came out and busted down all of her moving boxes and put out her trash for her, how awesome is that? Our neighbors have some teenage girls and they have a really long, super long driveway at their house but ours is pretty long as well. They stop by our house every day after school to bring our trash cans up. So, we have just so many good people here. Our HOA and our Water Board and our Metro Board are all very active with people donating their time to these great causes. The activities committee is constantly planning events and we have a welcome committee here just really neat people. Some of my very best friends, they have had to move out of the area for work but I still keep in contact with them.\

So, there you go that is my 8th installment of what is amazing and what I love about living in Bell Mountain and Ranch, the people! Make it a great day and I hope you enjoy this episode.